Biovotec AS To Acquire Agroplas AS Egg Related Business, Know-how And IP

At the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting of Biovotec AS held today, the shareholders approved the acquisition of Agroplas AS. Agroplas AS has been focusing on egg shell and egg membrane separation and egg shell and egg membrane applications outside of medical uses.

“By combining all egg membrane technologies and potential applications in one company, Biovotec will have the know-how and other intellectual property rights throughout the value chain from a cracked egg to the final wound dressing. This solidifies Biovotec AS’s position as one of the know-how and technology leaders in the general field of egg shell membrane,” - Terje Hannisdahl, Chairman of the Board of Biovote AS

The successful integration of Agroplas AS into Biovotec AS and maintaining of the ambitious progress in developing Biovotec’s wound care product will be the main success criteria for the nearer future. To enable Ralf Schmidt to have full focus on this, Terje Hannisdahl will in an interim phase, assume the role as Interim CEO of Biovotec AS and Agroplas AS.

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