Biovotec Works With Business Schools On US Market Analysis

Biovotec Works Together With St. Olaf's College, Minneapolis and Hauge School Of Management, Oslo to prepare a market analysis for chronic wound care products in the US.

In the frame of a student exchange program facilitated by Oslo Medtech, Hannah Fedje Johnson and Caitlin Van Lith, from St. Olaf's College and Eirik Flacké and Daniel Overskott from Hauge School Of Management will spend the coming four weeks to make a detailed market analysis for the US market in chronic wound care. Based on this analysis, Biovotec will develop its market entry strategy.

"It is inspiring to work together with these highly competent and enthusiastic students on such an important task. With St. Olaf's College situated in Minneapolis, 'The Capital of Medtech' and with many alumni connections to players like 3M and Mayo Clinic gives this study an additional prespective." - Ralf Schmidt, CEO of Biovotec

Pictured from left to right; Veronica Lerdahl, Caitlyn Van Lith, Ralf Schmidt, Hannah Fedje Johnson, Eirik Flackė and Henri-Pierre Suso

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