Biovotec Asked To Present At The World Extreme Medicine Expo In London UK

In January 2013, the United Kingdom’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) established eight new Healthcare Technology Co-operatives HTCs to act as centres of expertise to focus on clinical areas or themes of high morbidity and unmet needs of National Health Service (NHS) patients with the aim of fostering innovation in these areas. Working collaboratively with industry, the HTCs aim to develop new medical devices, healthcare technologies, or technology-dependent interventions, which improve patient treatment and quality of life. The eight HTCs cover a diverse array of clinical problems ranging from mental health to cardiovascular disease management. One of the key areas to benefit from the NIHR’s recognition of unmet need was wound care, with Bradford Teaching Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust designated as the host organisation for the NIHR Wound Prevention and Treatment HTC (NIHR WoundTec HTC) The NIHR WoundTec HTC is led by Professor Peter Vowden, the HTC’s Clinical Director and builds on an established strategic partnership between wound care experts in King’s College Hospital London, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Birmingham, and the universities of Leeds, Bradford, Wolverhampton, and Southampton. Together these experienced clinicians and academics have a proven track record in wound prevention and treatment, acute and chronic wound management, patient-focused care, patient-led device design, and clinical trial management. One of the main objectives of HTC is to promote health care inventions which may reduce the overall cost spendings in health care. Biovotec with its aim to make advanced wound care for chronic wounds affordable by reducing the cost of the consumables drastically, aligns with the scope of HTC.

“Since our foundation we have had very good contact with Professor Vowden and his group which has given us many good inputs and has helped us establish several important relations. To get the guidance and recognition of such an important opinion leader as Professor Vowden is tremendously encouraging for us.” - Ralf Schmidt, CEO at Biovotec

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