Biovotec Establishes A Presence In Ireland

The directors of this company will be Enda Kenny, Ove Lerdahl and Ralf Schmidt. Biovotec Ltd is located at the Science Park at the City University of Dublin, together with several other small to medium sized MedTech companies. The Irish subsidiary will mainly conduct research and development under the guidance and cooperation of it’s mother company, Biovotec AS in Norway

“We have for quite some time utilized the extensive MedTech knowledge and network in Ireland. I am very pleased that we now have a presence in Ireland, which enables us to tap into, even to a larger extent, the expertise and know how available in the country.”

- Ralf Schmidt, CEO at Biovotec

Ireland is one of Europe’s largest MedTech hotspots and, as a globally recognized center of excellence, is home to 100+ companies, employing 25,00 people. Fifteen of the world’s top twenty companies have operations here. Ireland also employs the highest number of MedTech personnel per capita in Europe.

“Presently we are building up our supply chain for our novel wound care product with mainly Ireland based companies, at the same time we are conducting several contract research activities in the country. Ireland was for us the natural choice for our first subsidiary outside of Norway.” - Ralf Schmidt, CEO of Biovotec

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