€ 2.5 million in funding for Biovotec

The project started in 2014 and aims to develop new wound healing products based on high-quality eggshell membrane sourced through proprietary eggshell process technology. Eggshell membrane has a fibrous-meshwork structure that is promising for promoting wound healing.

Eggshell membrane has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine for treatment of burn injuries and wounds. Recently, it has been scientifically demonstrated that eggshell membrane can be used to promote wound healing (Zadik 2007; Cordero and Hincke 2010).

The project builds on these findings, developing methods and formulations for using eggshell membrane as an extra cellular matrix to promote and accelerate wound healing. Different combinations of eggshell membrane and enhancing supplements will be tested. The produced product prototypes will be extensively characterized through cell lines and animal studies.

The project also includes a final product validation.


Partners for the R&D research program funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

15 years of medical experience with eggshell membrane

Norwegian research institute with expertise on cell studies

German industrial research institute specialized in biomaterials

Norway’s leading producer of egg products

A leading contract manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry

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