Biovotec is excited to announce our innovative, affordable Advanced Wound Care dressing: DermaRep™


DermaRep™ is a wound contact dressing designed to optimize the wound bed in chronic

wounds and promote granulation, whilst assisting in the modulation of excess protease

action associated with chronic wounds.


Wound healing products that contain collagen or mammalian extracellular matrix (e.g.

porcine small intestine sub-mucosa) have been shown to alter the balance towards healing

and protect the developing wound bed in non-healing wounds. However, mammalian protein can be costly to source and has a theoretical risk of transmissible disease, such as BSE.


Biovotec has developed a novel replacement for mammalian derived collagen. Purified Eggshell Membrane Protein, or PEP™.

PEP™ consists of insoluble collagen and collagen-like fibres, derived from the lining of domestic chicken eggs, a by-product of the food industry. By tapping into an existing value chain PEP™ can be sourced at a low cost, while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.


DermaRep™ consists of a dissolvable film device, where PEP™ is evenly distributed within a cellulose and glycerol carrier. Biovotec have carefully designed the ratio of cellulose, glycerol and PEP™ to provide the highest level of performance.


Biovotec believes that PEP™, in combination with the carrier, will optimise the

wound healing environment. Pre-clinical studies have shown that PEP alone and formulated as DermaRep™ promotes granulation in chronic wound models.

Functionally, DermaRep™ is similar to currently marketed dressings based on bovine

collagen and a cellulose derivative. It assists in maintaining a moist environment with the wound surface and optimizing conditions for wound repair.


Biovotec is currently undertaking a First-in-Human trial of DermaRep™ in the UK. We believe that our DermaRep™ device, with PEP™ technology, can bring affordable, advanced wound care to everyone who needs it.