At Biovotec we are working to shape the future of wound healing.

We aim to offer an unrivalled advantage for both patients and clinicians, by developing advanced wound care products, which combine functionality with an unprecedented competitive price.

We believe that everybody should have access to affordable, advanced wound care products.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. However, under certain circumstances wounds may heal slowly, and might become chronic. Often in these cases, extensive, long-lasting treatment and medication are required.

In the worst cases, treatment time extends to several years and some wounds may never truly heal.

Chronic Wounds


Treatment of chronic wounds is an escalating concern, mainly driven by an aging population and a rapid increase in the incidence of diabetes.

In chronic wounds the extracellular matrix is often damaged, preventing the wound from healing.


Chronic wounds are a significant and increasing health concern.

Innovative material


At Biovotec, we have developed a new, innovative material; Purified Eggshell Membrane Protein or PEP™. Eggshell membrane is a natural source of collagen and collagen-like materials. 
Collagen has long been established as having a key role in tissue repair, by stabilising the wound environment and aiding in tissue regeneration. 


Collagen like proteins promote and enable the natural wound healing process.



Current advanced wound care products source their collagen from bovine and porcine sources. These are expensive to produce and carry the theoretical risk of BSE transmission, for example. These factors limit routine use.
We aim to provide safe advanced wound care products at a significant lower cost.


Our products have the potential to become the standard of care.


Our Unique Supply Chain


Tapping into an existing value chain of egg derived products, our unique supply chain provides an

unlimited, readily available, biologically safe and low cost biomaterial.


We have exclusive access to a novel technology that for the first time allows the harvesting of eggshell membrane inline with industrial egg producers. We have established our patented eggshell membrane harvesting line at Nortura Revetal in Norway.

Purification / Activation

Patent application filed



US and Japanese patent granted

3 new patent applications filled


Origin of our active ingredient

Membrane extracted from eggshells

Activation and formulation

Wound care final product