We are a team of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs with a proven execution track in Biotech.

Our headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway.

We have subsidiaries in Dublin, Ireland and Nice, France.

Our external research partners are in Norway, Ireland, and the UK.


Ralf Schmidt
Ralf Schmidt


PhD Ind. Chemistry (U. of Oslo)

Executive MBA (Insead)

MSc Chem. Eng. (U. of Wisconsin)

Dipl. Ing. University of Stuttgart, Chemical Eng.

Senior executive manager:

  • Scanarc ASA (stock listed): CEO (materials recycling)

  • Axis Shield POC (stock listed): Man. Dir. (medical diagnostics)

  • Dynal Biotech / Invitrogen: VP Operations (biotech.)

  • McKinsey: Management consultant

  • Norsk Hydro: Operational Director (materials recycling)

Henri-Pierre Suso
Henri-Pierre Suso


PhD Biotechnology (U. of Reading)
MSc Biotechnology (U. of Reading)
MSc Agronomy (Gembloux)


Biotechnology scientist:

  • 10 years’ experience (PhD and post-doc)

  • Biotechnology, genetic engineering, functional genetics

  • Research project management

Food industry technology manager:

  • 7 years Department manager process validation at Elopak AS

  • Establish international R&D project for industrial application

Enda Kenny
Enda Kenny

M.D. Biovotec Ireland

PhD Biochemistry (Imperial College, London)

DIC Biochemistry (Imperial College, London)

BSc Microbiology (University College, Dublin)

Development RA/QA and General Manager:

  • CEO Rose Pharma AS

  • VP Global RA, QA & Clinical Stryker Biotech

  • New Product Technology Manager, Inamed

  • New Product Manager, Delta Biotechnology

Healthcare Product Development Expert:

  • Managed approval of drugs and medical devices in US, Canada, South America, EU, Switzerland, Australia.

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We are a Norwegian company, based in Oslo,  Norway and Dublin, Ireland.

Norwegian address: 

Engebrets vei 3,

0275, Oslo, Norway


Biovotec AS

Postboks 1001 Hoff,

0218, Oslo, Norway

​Ireland address: 

Hamilton Building,

Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9,