Clinical validation and production scale up of a novel product for healing of Pressure Ulcers, Leg Ulcers and Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Project Name: DermaRep / Project ID: 869943




The cost of wound care is one of the largest healthcare budget items within the developed world. Budget considerations can result in the use of lower efficacy, low cost wound dressings, often leading to extended healing time. This cyclical relationship is one of the key drivers behind the large financial burden placed on health service providers. In addition to this, longer treatment times can result in increased patient pain, morbidity and dependency.

Our key objective was to develop a wound care dressing, as effective as the “best in class” products, BUT at a significantly lower price. We have achieved this by utilizing an inexpensive biomaterial from a nonbovine animal source, which has the additional benefits of eliminating the risk of BSE and TSE’s. Our novel, dissolvable, DermaRep™ film device, was developed with the support of a Horizon 2020 SME grant. DermaRep™ is presently being used in human clinical safety trials, prior to CE marking and launch in the EU in 2020.

The goal of the follow-on project: “DermaRep”, is to perform a post CE Mark, statistically relevant Clinical Trial. The trial will compare the performance of DermaRep™ against the present standard of care, within different European countries.

In addition, the present production supply chain will be optimized to further reduce cost and allow for increased future demand.



Project phase and duration:

2 years from October 2019.



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